Bothell United Methodist Church Chancel Choir, directed by Jason Harris, presents “We Gather At Your Table, Lord” by Walter Ehret.


Words copyright: Wade Mansur, 1971, The Hymn Society of America;

Music copyright: 1978, The Sacred Music Press



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We gather at your table, Lord, grant peace and unity;

in keeping with your will and word,

may we one body be.

Now let us take the sacred bread, our souls and bodies feed;

in heart and soul we shall be fed,

your holy will to heed.

Now let us take the wine of heaven,

for Christ, whose blood was shed; that here we meet with sins forgiven,

and by his grace are led.

To you, O Lord, we sing our song,

may we be one in love for we by faith to you belong,

one with your church above!