Beaver Builder 2.0

After months of work, thousands of hours of testing, and countless iterations we’re thrilled to announce Beaver Builder 2.0, Hoover. Named after the monumental Hoover Dam, this release represents a monumental step forward with improvements across the entire software stack. Beaver Builder 2.0 looks better, feels better, it’s faster, and we’re introducing a slew of customization options that enable you to tweak the software to fit your needs.

Get ready to fall in love with Beaver Builder all over again…

A Status Update

After just about 4 years, Beaver Builder has come a long way and 2.0 is a culmination of all of our shared experience. Beaver Builder now runs on over 500,000 websites. Beaver Builder is being used by huge companies like GoDaddy, WP Engine, Liquid Web, and trusted by world-class WordPress agencies like Crowd Favorite, Pixel Jar, and WebDevStudios.

Beaver Builder is available in dozens of languages and features code from dozens of contributors. Our support team is consistently praised and our first response time has hovered around an impressive 3 hours!

We have a vibrant community of users and a thriving ecosystem of both free and premium 3rd party extensions and add-ons. It’s through the support of this community that we’ve had the opportunity to put our heads down and build something that we think, is really really awesome.

Carsten Thode

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